Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe is a deeply immersive turn based strategy game covering the greatest conflict in modern history. View more posts. Will you succeed where Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo failed? If the destination hex is adjacent to or occupied by the enemy, click on it and your forces will attack. At the time I began development in 1999, there was in my mind a bit of a void when it came to grand strategy WWII PC war games that were approachable and somewhere in between what a grognard would like to see, and what any war … For instance, if you’re playing as the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan), the victory conditions for the 1939 World at War campaign state that you must control Berlin, Paris, London (and adjacent hexes), Manchester, Moscow, Stalingrad, Cairo, Tokyo, Seoul, Chungking, Delhi, Manila, and Canberra in order to win a decisive victory. Strategic Command WWII: World at War contains several major campaigns and scenarios, each with a specific starting date and unique victory conditions. The 3D depiction of a city I can handle, but when the infantry corps entrenched there looks like a squad of 3000-foot-high Panzergrenadieren, I dunno. Sure because you can switch to the Axis side right then and there, letting the AI play Field Marshal Montgomery and the lads. Strategic Command WWII: World At War doesn't come across as overly accessible to any but the most hardcore strategy game fan, but that's just the surface of it. These MPPs are used to buy new and replacement units, fund research or initiate diplomacy. Click here to see the full CHANGELOG But that's not the only news! In this video, we start a brand-new series of Strategic Command: World at War, this time on the side of the Allies. WAW has a completely different look than its ancestors, the Strategic Command Classic series to include World War I (which I own), World War II and Global Conflict. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. All Reviews: Very Positive (232) - 84% of the 232 user reviews for this game are positive. Strategic Command: World War I . Both Commander: The Great War and Strategic Command: World War I are historical, turn-based strategicsimulations of World War I. I opted to play Japan only as the conquest of China with Soviet intervention is something you don’t see that often in gaming. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can also do things like change the turn type from alternating to something more simultaneous, mess with the weather, and yes you can build fantasy weapons like the proposed German aircraft carriers Deutschland or Peter Strasser. Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Description Undermine the enemy’s will to resist through diplomacy and political intrigue while mobilizing your forces and developing new technologies and ways of waging war. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Each nation’s units reflect the tech level at which they start the war – Germany, for instance, enters the war with He-111 and Do-17 medium bombers as their main “strategic” air force, while Me-109s and Stuka dive bombers represent interceptors and ground attack units. The review copy I received was updated over the last several days, so it did add in the final campaign scenario, which starts the festivities in 1917, putting pressure on the Central Powers to win prior to US involvement. Its actually quite similar to the 2016 release Strategic Command WW2: War in Europeand is a vast improvement IMHO. Maybe it’s the miniatures player in me, or maybe they really were that advanced in HGH (Human Growth Hormone) research in 1939, but it just doesn’t look right. Developed by Toronto-based Fury Software for Matrix, Strategic Command WWII: World at War (or WAW) is part of the rebooted Strategic Command series that includes Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe, Strategic Command Classic: Global Conflict, and 2019’s Strategic Command: World War I.  Fury created this long-running series in the late 1990s, publishing its original game, Strategic Command: European Theater in 2002 through Battlefront. Promising a chance to re-fight the 20th century's greatest conflict, spanning from Poland to China, Fury Software intend to deliver a wargaming experience that's both … The system works quite well and is very fast. Now, all that is needed as the world stands on the brink of a global conflict is a leader with a stout heart, a sharp mind, and nerves of steel. It runs an Intel 64 bit Quad 3.4 GH processor with 8 GB of RAM, a 465 GB hard drive and onboard Intel HD graphics with 2 GB of video RAM. has been crossed. That says a lot. In Strategic Command the enemy will counter attack you every time, taking advantage of your weak points, setting traps for your forces, while waging a brutally efficient campaign on every front. Well color me impressed! On the other hand, I know lots of folk who are perfectly fine with the design. Click on a destination hex, the unit(s) move there. But where Axis & Allies tends to simplify the mechanics by reducing the home front experience to a few essential details (industrial complexes that can be placed on territories controlled by a player, newly purchased units placed on the board at the end of each turn, etc.) … Additionally, Strategic Command WWII: World at War has a plethora of features that give players a taste of how difficult it is for a major power to fight a global conflict. Review–>Strategic Command WWII: World at War. Meanwhile, the AI (which was set on the Hard difficulty level) invested on R&D and by mid-war the Axis had tanks, planes, and other weapons that were far more advanced than his Allied nations could field. For example, the Axis consists of three major powers, Germany, Italy and Japan. Let the computer take control of some of your allies so you can concentrate on your favorite theaters. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Like most wargames of this type, hardware requirements are light. 5% per turn, in reality between 2-7% per chit. Only attacks from a single hex are allowed at a time, but you can attack an enemy formation multiple times in a single turn. Released in December of 2018, WAW is the fifth game in the series and it was designed by Hubert Cater and Bill Runacre, Fury Software’s president/lead developer and lead designer, respectively. The game features grand strategy on the nation-state level in which players not only have to deploy military units and plan offensive and defensive moves, but they also have to manage different aspects of a larger war effort to make sure that their forces can fight, stay supplied, and possess information needed to defeat the enemy and emerge victorious. I run the display resolution at 1440 x 900, and so far, I have had nary a problem to deal with. With rare exceptions, such as Epyx Games’ Street Soccer or LucasArts Games’ Star Wars: X-Wing, most of the games I own tend to be from the strategy/war games genre. There are two more official mods, 1944 Triumph and Tragedy. Or will you throw your lot with the Allied cause, defend against the German, Italian, and Japanese offensives of the early years of the war, holding on as long as possible until the industrial might of the U.S. asserts itself, then strike back with your own counteroffensives in China, North Africa, the Mediterranean, the vast expanses of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the snows of Russia, and – eventually – the coast of Normandy? The color palate and icon mix has also been changed to produce what looks to be a more 'adult' (really, only word I could think of) wargaming style. They also have a small national symbol in the lower left corner (red rising sun for Japan, white sun on blue for China) to make quick identification super easy. Interestingly enough, when new units are added, the player is given the option of choosing an historical name for the unit such as Grossdeutschland. So, General. When a flurry of enemy assaults reduces one of your infantry corps from “10” to “3” in a single turn, your first thought is rarely “That's another 20,000 … Once a person with at least minimal interest in history gets a war simulator, he should automatically want to try at least one of the countless “what if” scenarios. Compared with a lesser strategic take on World War 2 (for example, World Conqueror X), Strategic Command's units know how to hold a line, make clever probes into opponent's territory, and not needlessly throw resources away. Commander: The Great War has a bit of “beer and pretzels”[2]feel to it. Contemplating the War to End All Wars getting the same treatment as WAW has me all a tither with anticipation. Review: Strategic Command Classic: Global Conflict, Strategic Command WWII: War In Europe – “Barbarossa and Beyond” [Part 1], Further Reading: Christmas 2020 books for the discerning wargamer, The Wargamer’s Wife: Holiday Gift List 2020, Games Workshop teases updated map for Warhammer: The Old World, The year in (tabletop) wargames 2020 - Pandemic Edition. Though it sounds terribly complicated, Strategic Command WWII: World at War is a joy to play because even though you should think about such things when you play a game, the designers have done a good job of balancing real-world concepts and ease of play. Others, such as the Hearts of Iron series, Civil War II, Order of Battle: World War II, and Battle Academy are straightforward military-themed strategy games. by apkrig. If it is snowing or raining, air units can’t fly. Each unit on the board by type is allocated APs that it expends to move, fight and so on. Strategic Command WWII: World at War is the logical evolution of the previous game in the series, Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe, bolstering tons of additional features, better graphics, and a vastly-improved AI.. Strategic Command WWII: World at War also has several “mods” created by the design team at Fury: three are Naval War mods based on the World at War, Axis High Tide, and Allies Turn the Tide scenarios and have the same victory conditions. Fury Software's aim with the Strategic Command series has always been to recreate World War II in a deep yet very accessible manner. WAW has a completely different look than its ancestors, the Strategic Command Classic series to include World War I (which I own), World War II and Global Conflict. Read our review policy Strategic War in Europe review Has its flaws, but with more polish and improved naval and air AI, this could be one of the great light wargames. that will stand the test of time? Το Strategic Command WWII: World at War είναι μια σπάνια προσθήκη στον κόσμο των computer wargames. Designed by the same team which created the original main campaigns, the Race to Victory scenarios have the same victory conditions for each side. If you activate Weather effects when you set up a new game, you will not just see large sections of your map showing precipitation, rough seas, or even dust storms in the desert, but you will find that your units won’t perform well in bad weather. Strategic Command WWII: World at War has received a tremendous update. Like its predecessors, the game is imminently editable and a modder’s dream. Posts: 6. The game uses units that generally represent entire armies or corps, plus supporting elements such as naval fleets and air groups. The game is fun, and for me the reason it is fun is its elegant simplicity backed by what seems to be the perfect balance between economics, diplomacy and actual military considerations. This means while the game covers the employment of national level resources to obtain victory, they do not include an overabundance of non-military assets such as economics or diplomacy. For example, you can play the game with “Weather” as a variable that affects how units fight and move under different climatic conditions. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe at Gone are the 3D sprites of forests and cities, replaced with a top down view to match the new and similar map style. I think Strategic Command strikes a near perfect balance between depth and fun. 318 Library of America Series), Watching my favorite movies and episodes of classic TV shows and miniseries on Blu-ray and DVD, Spending time on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) As the war progresses and if Germany invests heavily on R&D, players can upgrade these units; if the tech levels are high enough, the plane units then “morph” into more modern types, such as the He-177 long range bomber and the Me-262 jet fighter. However, the game places time limits on the rival coalitions, hence the name Race to Victory. Strategic Command WWII: World At War is your chance to re-fight the 20th century’s greatest conflict, from Poland to China, Normandy to the Pacific, on a map encompassing the globe. I could still do things with the former two powers like research, reinforcements and diplomacy, but as soon as I hit the Next Turn button the AI immediately had Germany attack Poland (love the way the game marks out “the front”) and shipped damn near the entire Kriegsmarine into the Baltic. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You can play  Strategic Command WWII: World at War in several modes: In either option, you can directly command all of your coalition’s forces, or delegate command of one or more of your countries to the game’s AI. AWA is played in alternating turns, each representing 14 days, but with a twist. ( Log Out /  One of these is that while the player controls either the Axis or Allies, he doesn’t have to actually play ALL the major countries of his coalition. Actually, unless artillery or aircraft, friendly units may move and attack for as long as they have APs. The Strategic Command series has a history to its name. January 18, 2019. The latest Strategic Command has the whiff of a grand strategy game about it, mixing hex-based warfare and logistical wrinkles, the meat of … Currently, the game that I’ve played the most during the “corona” pandemic is Strategic Command WWII: World at War, a grand strategy game that allows players to take command of either the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) or the Allies (China, the British Empire (including Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand), France, Poland, the Soviet Union, and the United States) in a conflict that takes place in various theaters around the globe. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Strategic Command WWII: World at War at Ask me how I know. Personal opinion here, but I’ve never liked the 3D sprites at this level of game as it always seems a little too simplistic, almost juvenile to me. There is no calculating coal production, building infrastructure or managing conscription levels with population variances. In theory, investing MPPs into R&D and industrial upgrades gives every major power the ability to improve its military capabilities; I’ve seen both sides developing jet fighters by the late stages of a game, but players have to be gutsy enough to divert MPPs from buying units and invest them in other areas of the war effort. The AI controls these minor powers, and while at times it seems as though the game designers put in them in the game as mere window dressing, they can often be force multipliers that can make or break a player’s war aims. Gone are the maps that seem to be shot at a Google Earth Birdseye View 45-degree angle. Crusader Kings III : un opus dans la lignée de ses prédécesseurs. You simply spend MPPs to increase a minor country’s chance of joining your side in increments of 5%, up to a defined maximum. January 18, 2019. Relive this momentous conflict from the opening shots of 1914 to the final offensives. 1 Strategic Command v1.10.03 beta available (with a … Per the 1939 scenario, the first two weeks of the months are taken by the Axis Powers as their turn, the last two weeks of the month are taken by the Allies. Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe > General Discussions > Topic Details. As noted, one of the other very strong selling points of this game are a series of clever and unique processes I’ve not seen elsewhere. Strategic Command is back, and this time it is bringing you the Great War! Strategic Command is a series of computer video games developed by Fury Software and, and published by Excalibur Publishing. ( Log Out /  Prepare to choose your alliance and take command of its forces. Right now, I am running WAW on my wife’s refurb computer she uses for home accounting, Email and not much else. This latter, non-military set is controlled by the use of MPPs (Military Production Points). Truth is this is easily one of the best games I’ve played regardless of subject or command level, but that’s only half the story. Strategic Command WWII: World at War can probably best be described as a cross between the original Milton Bradley board game Axis & Allies from 1984 and the modern computer game series Panzer General. Will you choose to play as the Axis and attempt to create a Tripartite Empire that encompasses three continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia?) Don’t kid yourself though… However, I didn't get the player manual until very late so I had to use the one that came with Strategic Command WW2: World at War. Your armies, air forces, and navies are at high alert. Research, however, is generic so while you can upgrade the anti-tank capacity of Japanese infantry, but you don’t specifically build the Type 4 70mm anti-tank rocket launcher. (I recommend this option for novice players; commanding the armies of one country, such as the Soviet Union or Japan, is difficult enough; trying to make decisions for two or more major belligerents in a global conflict is much harder. Like the Classic series, WAW gives the player a choice between 3D sprites and NATO symbology to represent combat formations, but even here there is a change. During a turn a player conducts strategic operations in any order he desires, to include movement, combat, logistics, research and diplomacy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Carter wrote the ‘Designer Notes’ which begin the manual for the latest SC title Strategic Command WWII: World at War. So, not only was the Axis AI more aggressive and efficient, but it had better weapons than The Historical Gamer. There is a big gap on the gaming shelf for a good PC World War One strategy game. Conversely, if you’re playing 1939 World at War as the Allies (China, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, France, and the U.S.), you need to have control over Berlin, Rome, Paris, London (and adjacent hexes), Moscow, Washington, DC, Tokyo, Seoul, Chungking, and Delhi to achieve a decisive victory. Series patriarch Hubert Carter has always maintained a specific goal for these games. Strategic Command WW2 – War In Europe is a turn based wargame developed by Fury software and published by Slitherine. Strategic Command WWII: World at War is a fun, entertaining, and challenging war game that allows players to try different strategies and make decisions that allow them to either recreate history or change the outcome of the war. Of course, as much as I love writing, I don’t spend every minute of every day doing that (even though it sometimes seems that way). To me its just the right amount, the proverbial sweet spot, of non-combat play to keep things historical and interesting, without bogging the game down for everyone except those with an accounting degree. A turn usually involves a set of decisions you must make, such as deciding how to spend the in-game currency (military production points, or MPPs) – buying new units or improving existing ones, investing in research and development (R&D), or using MPPs to fund your country’s diplomatic efforts to sway neutral powers to join your coalition – or where your armed forces will either attack or defend. In all three scenarios, the Axis player (Human or AI) initiates the game and moves first during each turn; both sides have victory conditions they must meet by the end of the scenario, usually involving the capture of various national capitals and other major cities of strategic importance to either side. Per the Strategic Command WWII: World at War manual: And this is an excerpt that explains how R&D works: turn towards reaching their next levels of research. Gone are the maps that seem to be shot at a Google Earth Birdseye View 45-degree angle. From the bloody fields of Flanders to the sweeping advances in the east, the fighting in Italy, the Balkans and the Middle East, Strategic Command: World War I covers all … The computer then calculates how your armies, air forces, and navies are resupplied, your nation collect its income – which increases as a result of your territorial gains but can be adversely affected by enemy moves such as interdiction of your shipping lanes (convoy routes) or strategic bombing. I really like Strategic Command WWII: World at War. I did not readily note a scale but suffice it to say that the entire world is portrayed, from Berlin to Tokyo, Murmansk to the Falklands and everything in between. Both use the same game engine and play is quite similar. Using a band of buttons at the top of the screen, the player can choose eligible units to add to his force pool, pay the required MPPs and then after the appropriate building time has elapsed, the units join his army, navy or air force. And did I mention the game also has updated graphics as well as a few unique twists to make WAW stand out from its peers? Truth is the AI does things very historically, so if you do NOT want to attack the Poles, you best take control of the Reich and do otherwise. In the Classic series the NATO icons looked like they were stood up vertical on small stands, while the new rendition has them typically wargame flat on the map. Strategic Command's greatest strength is the AI, without a doubt. Enemy units in North Africa can’t be spotted during a dust storm, and you’ll get reports from ships suffering damage from rough seas if you let them linger too long in one operational area.There are other war-related concepts depicted in the game, including partisan uprisings in occupied territories, the effects of terrain on movement and supplies, conducting economic warfare, and the importance of planning and production of new units. The color palate and icon mix has also been changed to produce what looks to be a more 'adult' (really, only word I could think of) wargaming style. So what makes Strategic Command special? Land units will get mired in muddy terrain. I’m not sure of the why of this process, or whether it has an appreciable impact, but I did find it interesting. Regardless, running the game should be a snap, and it actually feels faster and smoother than Classic games. Strategic Command WWI (SCWWI) is the latest offering in the Strategic Command … Now you may think to yourself, “Wait a minute, you played ONLY Japan?” Yup sure did. I played the Japanese trying to overrun China in the 1939 when the friendly neighborhood AI suggested I keep forces in various cites in Manchuria lest Uncle Joe Stalin perceive weakness and act accordingly. which depicts the Allied onslaughts in Europe and the Pacific Theaters against Germany and Japan in the summer of 1944 and after, and 1941 Rostov, in which Germany (and her Axis allies) duke it out with the Red Army in October of 1941 for the city of Rostov. I personally prefer games whi… And excited! Read reviews and ratings of Strategic Command WWII: World at War from our experts, and see what our community says, too! You can find his reviews and essays on his blogs, A Certain Point of View and A Certain Point of View, Too. Update 1.05.00 brings tons of improvements, from scenarios changes to the game engine and more. Likewise, some units available are HQ units and these are named after the historical commander who ran the show, like Generalfeldmarschall 'Smiling' Albert Kesselring, with different MPP costs depending on the competency of the general in charge. The AI then applies results which could include a retreat, but nearly always the loss of strength points. Strategic Command WWII: World At War doesn't come across as overly accessible to any but the most hardcore strategy game fan, but that's just the surface of it. It is a grand strategy game from the award winning game designer Hubert Cater's Fury Software, author of the critically acclaimed Strategic Command series, and is the first to be published by Matrix Games/Slitherine. And that’s it and that’s the point. Research works the same way, with MPPs expended to research various technologies which upgrade current units and so forth. Strategic Command WWII: World at War is turn-based, which means that one coalition – usually the Axis, who were the aggressor states during World War II – starts one of the game’s campaigns. Not. As mentioned above, the game lets you take command of either the Axis powers or the Allies during the Second World War. After you’ve spent your MPPs and made all of your combat moves, you end your turn. Instead he can have the AI – yes, his opponent, that one – play some of his major combatants for him. This is the first strategic level game I have ever played that effectively captured World War One combat. So far, I have managed to stick to my writing routine without fail, although I have to admit that I haven’t quite been able to write new material for the original Blogger version of A Certain Point of View since May 10. Quite frankly, the game is simple and straightforward enough in its presentation that you can quickly learn the game by simply clicking and trying things out, which is what I did. So if you don’t believe that French morale tanked in 1940 after the Maginot Line was flanked, kill that random event and it won’t happen. Its actually quite similar to the 2016 release Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe and is a vast improvement IMHO. As noted, strategic and World War II are not my favorite wargaming subjects, and yet here I am playing this game (damn, Kuomintang just recaptured Beijing) while my spouse watches the Houston Texans spank the Cleveland Browns on the gridiron. 100% progress, though there is a small chance of a breakthrough, speeding up your progress by an extra 10-20% once the 45% threshold. I do not mean “beer and pretzels” as an insult but rather to simply note the type of game. It is the war that offers similar fanatics a lot of unrealized scenarios in style, if Poland were able to defend Germany, and what if the … First, the game starts with each country already carrying out some R&D; depending on the nationality and its level of industrial capacity, your bureaucrats, scientists, and inventors will work hard to develop new techs and improve industrial and logistics methods. 4% per turn, in reality between 2-6% per chit. You can actually go in and decide which ones to keep in the game and which ones to discard. It’s up to you, though, to increase R&D spending (or not) and in what categories. World War II and strategic play is not my favorite way to game but suffice it to say I not only enjoyed playing Matrix Games Strategic Command: World at War (WAW) this past weekend but am continuing to play it even now. is similar in its palette, and the map, while it’s more detailed and less stylized tan that of the famous board game, still has some geographical oddities that make gameplay easier but still look odd. Got Panzerarmee Afrika on the ropes in the desert as the Allies, but wanna see if you could salvage the mess as Erwin Rommel? In addition to the Axis and Allied coalitions, Strategic Command WWII: World at War includes minor powers that are (like Spain, Switzerland, or Sweden) neutral or are (like Hungary and Romania) co-belligerents that join either alliance depending on various factors, including political leanings, diplomacy by the major powers, or invasions of their territory by either side. This, as we shall see, is part of the balance I spoke of above. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s a turn based strategy game played on a hex grid system that allows players to play various operations in World War 2.

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